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06 Dec

How It All Begun

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I’ve just realised I’ve never told you about how, just under a year ago, I started this project.

You see, I was looking for a bag, I had a very clear picture of it in my mind, of what I was looking for.  I wanted a bag full of personality, striking and eye-catching. I wanted it to be noticed whenever I’d wear it.  Alas, I could not find it, even after a whole season of tireless searching.  So it was, I set my mind to designing it myself and having it made just for me.  The result?  Well, at Christmas I got the phone call to pick it up as it was finally ready!  I was so atwitter and you are probably wondering why. Well let me explain as best I can: the desire to own it and have it was so strong that it made me nervous; you know what I’m talking about, right girls?  It was the best present I had ever got and I had even designed it just for me too!  I felt it as if it were a part of me.  What more could I want? 

I saw it, from afar at first, the Rock Fashion, rigorously red.  There it was, sitting on my friend’s work counter, who also works for CHANEL, I was in good hands and I was sure my new bag would be a work of art because of how experienced my friend is.  I can’t even begin to describe how fast my heart was beating when I saw my new accessory turned from a dream, an idea to reality.

The next day I left Italy for Miami, at airport security I set my bag down on the x-ray belt and this beautiful American girl walked up to me and asked me where I had bought my bag. “ I beg you, tell me where you got it, I want one too!!!”  she said, to my considerable surprise. To which I said: “I designed it myself and you won’t find it anywhere else because I had it made just for me.”, “Do you really like it that much?” I added. “ OH MY GOD! Oh my God! I love it!!!!” She told me.  I was very surprised and incredulous among all the pleasant feeling I was feeling and ultimately very honoured  by all her comments.

In Miami every day, I couldn’t wait to get back from the beach to be able to use it, wear it and show it off. I would wear it with my ripped jeans and a t-shirt  with the handle at the back during the day and at night with more elegant outfits out for dinner, I would move the handle from the back to the front.  I designed it so that it could better suit both casual daytime looks as well as evening or elegant ones, creating the illusion of two separate looks in one bag and a wow effect.

Girls would stop me on the street asking me where I had got it, all saying the same thing: “OMG!!!! Amazing! Awesome!!! Where did you get it??”  Even my friends showered me with compliments and they were the first to tell me I should produce it! Well, when January came and that’s just what I did.

So, here I am now. Less than a year later with a whole collection of 10 carefully considered and well-thought designs, created by a top quality production line with 60 years experience.

Last August, as you may know from some previous posts, I went to Las Vegas and took part in the Project Woman, ENK VEGAS fair, where, on the third day, I was chosen, alongside five other brands, one of these was Chiara Ferragni, among the thousands present. My team and I won appealing object with an innovative design and for use of top quality leather, thanks to the B2B and CLUB models.

I can’t be stopped!  We are ready for Capsule in New York ( February 21-23 2016) with the winter pieces.  We are hard at work here in production, thinking about you and how to enhance your strong-suits and your everyday and every night looks and outfits with a remarkable accessory which will never go unnoticed on your arm. With the line of Bargaragigantibags the constant is giving you an accessory unique in its image and in rock style just like you.  Each design makes a statement of your character. 

Rock Fashion, feisty, for women who want to leave a mark
Baby, for a rocker bad girl, elegant but charming
Everybody Rock, for women with a strong decisive side
Everyday Baby, to express your sensuality
Shopping, for dynamic women who want to be practical
B2B, for a career woman in charge, for around the office
Cheyenne, for women who never give up the latest trend
Night-Cheyenne, striking, for women who want to dazzle and dare
Club, very classy, for women who want to be elegant and chic
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