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18 Jan

Capsule Fair

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Well, hello everyone! I don’t know if you have noticed, however, you haven’t heard from me in a while! That's because my team and I have been extremely busy preparing for the upcoming Capsule fair, which will take place in New York from February 21st till the 23rd.

This year together has been incredible and crazy! Now I am currently busy designing the new models, which will be made in my three power colours: red, black and white; however, in the new year they will be joined by a touch of smoky grey and all pony-skin, which I like to call “peluche” (meaning teddy bear,  because it’s like a stuffed teddy to me) for the next A/W 2017, as we are already working on the following winter collection.

We are all very excited to take part in this next show! It is, of course, the most important one in the USA and we are proud of our work and to have been recognized as a new high quality brand, for our captivating design and, most importantly, MADE IN ITALY.  We will be leaving energized and ready for this new experience and we will not be among the new comer, like last time, however, you will find us among the more established brands, the well known household names! Very exciting indeed!

So, that is where you will find us in February and if you are around, come over and see what we are all about!

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