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27 Nov

The new BG Diamonds Jewelry Line is born!

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Since when, three years ago, I decided to take this long road in the world of fashion, I've always had another dream which I've never thought could have become real: to design a line of jewels perfectly matching my bags.

I ironically say that, if I've decided to create the new BG jewels, it's their credit... of my bags! It's like each of them were a real person, asking me to be paired with another precious item with the same character, so precious that could eventually give them more value. The choice to create this new line of jewels, still inspired to "Rock" but with a Vintage touch, is always motivated by the same constant: the desire to have an item different from the ones on the market, the longing to wear something that nobody else has: a charming jewel that instills the personality of whom is wearing it.

The detail is the aspect to which I dedicate more attention each time I design a new model: it must have grit and never passed unnoticed. This is my very target: not only to create something that strikes who's watching it, but also able to astonish me, despite me being the person who created it. You can discover the brand new line of BG Jewels in our online shop.

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